6 Steps to Become an Outstanding Programmer

Programming is a current trend for success but in order to be irreplaceable one needs to be always different. So how to become a kickass programmer in an industry full of “sharks”?

  1. Ensure your basics knowledge is valid

Having good knowledge of the language you use for coding is essential. Some of the skills required to become a splendid developer are not taught in university but you can read some books printed by developers who pass on practical information which you may take years to learn. 

Experience built on knowledge increases much quicker and is more valuable. Always maintain healthy communication with your professors and peers to learn new trends, new approaches and skills. Besides the basics covered, a perfect programmer should research about the basics of the business one codes for. Take your time to think before you code and learn as much as you can about the problem you will solve. Learning how your company makes money and serves customers, and the core competency it has compared to competitors, can help you uncover new approaches and improvements that will support the business side of your coding.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Any knowledge which is not used is to be thrown down the drain. To validate your knowledge you need to have experience in real life which is possible to do through various sources. First, EduBild has already created a program “Experienship” where students and freshers can work with companies and have a live-project experience and get trained as per the industry standards. If triggered, then register for Experienships. Secondly, participate in forums & hackatons, teach, share knowledge. Lastly, contribute to open source platforms and gain experience as a programmer.

  • Unit testing and analyzing

Unit testing can be a nightmare for some developers but using it to design your code can ensure that every segment of your code functions as planned. When it comes to real projects, especially tech start-ups, deadlines are a big challenge but if your deliverables are not up to the mark then your whole work is useless. If you have limited time for Quality Assurance, you can use free code analyzers such as SonarQube.

Always think about delivering the product, getting the feedback, and solving problems users have. These are the only things that matter for you as a programmer as your main client is the user.

  • Improve your soft skills

This point may seem to totally contradict the nature of programmers, but this is a key to being different in the industry- your key to becoming a kickass programmer. Communication with clients and management, presentation skills for your ideas, and awesome coding, all these tasks require soft skills as they are the ladder to your professional development. If your soft skills need polishing, sign up for Experienships and cover the soft skill training for free. 

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