7 Interview Questions you should be ready with
7 Interview Questions you should be ready with

In EduBild previous blog-post (12 Steps to prepare for tech interviews) we talked about the steps to prepare for your interview and here are the interview questions that you should be ready to hear and give splendid answers to impress the company.

  1. What languages/ design tools are you good at?

Be honest here and mention the ones who master, not the ones you are studying on Coursera yet.

2. What kind of projects have you completed?

If you are a fresher or a student, make sure to mention your internship projects or college practical tasks. If you are a professional, then describe all the work done-not just the title of the project.

3. What project process do you follow?

This one is tough as you don’t know what they expect to hear. Remember, for this question, there is no wrong answer, just you need to show that you think through the project in advance and create a systematic approach to solve the problem addressed.

4. How do you stay updated about the tech industry trends?

Mentioning just Twitter or my college-mates group won’t be enough. You should be following tech industry leaders’ pages, read magazines and blogs, etc.

5. What kind of teams have you worked on and what were your roles?

For this point, you should mention some tricks you mastered for collaborating with other team-mates and describe the specific role you played to help others succeed in their tasks. If you are a fresher who has no experience of teamwork, you can highlight some of the advantages you see in teamwork and how you can contribute with your skills.

6. Why are you interested in this job?

Usually, most of the candidates start talking about how great it will be for them to gain experience, become successful in their career, and earn a lot of money! Hey, this question is for the employer to understand what values, goals, or products of the company make you so attracted to the position, NOT ABOUT your profit or benefit. The interviewer needs to know why you are the best fit for this position to help the team achieve the targets and goals. What makes you especially suited to help the company reach its goals?

7. A random question like: “Explain the Internet”, “Explain the four principles of object-oriented programming”

Such questions are to identify your “problem-solving skills, attention to detail, patience levels, and overall knowledge of the industry. So be well prepared about the industry terms and be flexible to accept challenging tasks.

We hope these tips will help you to land your dream tech job.