Mobile Application Developer

Kamtech Associates Private Limited

Full Time
Roles and Responsibilities

The Job Overview

We are seeking a dedicated mobile app developer to join our growing company. You will create and implement the source code necessary to develop mobile applications on various mobile platforms for the purpose of selling them to various client categories. As a mobile applications developer, you can put your passion for programming and development to create effective and cutting-edge mobile apps that will grow our customer base. 


Below are some of the responsibilities a mobile app developer is expected to assume:  

Identify opportunities to develop new mobile products and protocols
Develop APIs to support functionality of mobile devices
Work closely with colleagues in marketing and product development to improve app design and functionality
Implement testing procedures to identify bugs
Engage with users to better understand customer needs and opportunities for improvements
Adapt current web applications for mobile platforms
Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

Below are the qualifications expected of a mobile app developer:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent
Minimum 3 years of experience with system design, programming, and data structuring
Experience programming in C++, Java, or Swift
Experience with OOP design principles
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Experience working in a team environment
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to distill complex technical plans into easily understandable concepts for executive reports

About Company

With over 23 years of experience working on multi sectoral projects with National and International Governments, development agencies and public sector undertakings; direct/Indirect influence in state and central government policy making, and a wide network of international alliance partners; we assist businesses and emerging companies with timely deployment of growth strategies which could be either in the form of Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Technological Collaboration, Exploring Expor