SkillBild is EduBild’s unique feature which is a log of endless number of skill assessment tests for different industries. Skill assessment tests evaluate the existing skills that a student or a graduate has and give a clear picture of the need to improve or upskill. Due to this feature, employers can determine if there are some important job skills that their interns lack or should improve.

SkillBild provides employers precise data on the skills that applicants have and makes selection process smoother for EduBild experienship programs. The moment a candidate takes a test, they receive a score which acts as a badge and can be reused while applying to similar experienship positions. The higher score you have the higher is your competitiveness score in the market.

To benchmark your talent, make sure to take the tests and add skills to your profile!

Open Edu-Source with us

Beyond the tests designed by EduBild team, we welcome enthusiast data collectors, researchers or analysts interested in testing and assessment for a specific field to join our OPEN SOURCE assessment test creation. Every test contributed to the testing community will be verified and added to our platform while the open sourcer will gain experience and a project completion certificate.

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