Use AI for assessment &
placement of your students.


Increase employability of your
students by testing their skills
proficiency, monitoring their growth
and performance.

Training Agencies

Use our AI mock interview tool and skill
assessments as an add-on to your existing skilling and training courses. Make your students job-ready with performance insights.

AI Mock Interviews to simulate real Job Interviews

Students can try mock interviews for any job role, building the required confidence and experience. Students get a detailed report with scores and feedback on each answer, to improve their interview skills.

Get a launchpad for your

Edubild’s platform equips students with AI-driven mock interviews, personalized career guidance, and skill assessments, ensuring they are not just educated but truly job-ready. Partner with us to transform your students' potential into success, giving them a competitive edge in their career journey

Job-ready students ~ 100% Campus Placements

Many recruiters are now using AI for their hiring needs. Switch to AI to understand how that works and make your students truly stand-out.

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Witness how Edubild empowers your students at every turn.

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